HLN Weekday Schedule Face-lift

6-10am ET – Morning Express with Robin Meade, Jennifer Westhoven, Bob Van Dillen, Brian McFayden 10-12pm ET – HLN Now: This Morning with Susan Hendricks, Zain Asher, PJ, Joe Carter 12-3pm ET – HLN Now: On the Case with Vinnie Politan 3-3:30pm ET – Bleacher Report (rotating host of Bleacher […]

New Day: Success

Today, New Day did something similar to what I had suggested in my earlier blog post, where I suggested the cancelation of Early Start, and bringing over its anchors to be on New Day.  Now, obviously this wasn’t because I suggested it (and I doubt they even saw my blog […]

Who Anchors What? – Saturday & Sunday

The presenters of CNN Newsroom Weekend are: Fredrick Whitfield – CNN Newsroom late morning/early afternoon anchor Don Lemon – CNN Newsroom evening anchor The presenter of Smerconish is: Michael Smerconish – host The presenter of Your Money is: Christine Romans – chief business correspondent; host The presenter of Sanjay Gupta, MD is: […]