Erin Burnett OutFront… At least, Out

As a result of the “new” temporary evening/late night schedule, Erin Burnett Outfront has noticeably lost its repeat.  (No complaints from me, mind; EBO needs to go, and so do repeats).  But it’s amusing.  If you think about it, Anderson is pulling insane hours on some nights.  Just this week, […]

HLN Weekday Schedule Face-lift

6-10am ET – Morning Express with Robin Meade, Jennifer Westhoven, Bob Van Dillen, Brian McFayden 10-12pm ET – HLN Now: This Morning with Susan Hendricks, Zain Asher, PJ, Joe Carter 12-3pm ET – HLN Now: On the Case with Vinnie Politan 3-3:30pm ET – Bleacher Report (rotating host of Bleacher […]