Legal View w/ Ashleigh Banfield and ?

I’ve noticed that Ashleigh Banfield has a large number of “haters”; I’d like to take this opportunity to say I am not among them.  I think she’s a good legal commentator and a decent host.  But she’s one of those people who would be better with a cohost (preferably, one […]

Don Lemon Doesn’t Get His Show After All

If you remember, when Piers Morgan signed off, for four weeks, there would be four trial shows at 9pm.  First was Smerconish’s go at it; next was Tapper’s turn; the third week was Weir’s; and the fourth week should have been Lemon’s.  But we are now in the fourth week, […]

4/21/14 Anchor Fill-ins

As of 12:00 ET… Victor Blackwell is in for John Berman on Early Start. Alison Kosik is in for Christine Romans on Early Start. John Berman, Brooke Baldwin, and Pamela Brown are all in for Carol Costello on Newsroom, doing a Boston special. Don Lemon is in for Ashleigh Banfield […]

Happy Easter

I’d like to extend a warm Happy Easter to you all!  Since today is a holiday, any updates I normally tweet out (such as anchor substitutions) will naturally be either suspended or delayed.  Enjoy this time with your family!  Me personally, I’m about to head off to my church’s service […]