CNN Tonight: April 14th

To be completely clear, I have high hopes for CNN Tonight as a whole.  (Including when it moves to its official time slot at 10pm, and I expect the show will be something I’ll be blogging about for a while).  That being said, I wasn’t overly impressed from the get-go. […]

4/14/14 Anchor Fill-ins

As of 3:01 ET… Victor Blackwell is in for John Berman on Early Start. Pamela Brown is in for Ashleigh Banfield on Legal View. Brianna Keilar is in for Brooke Baldwin on Newsroom from 2-3pm. Don Lemon is in for Brooke Baldwin on Newsroom from 3-4pm.

CNN Tonight: 9pm; eventually 10pm

So, let’s make our way through the mystery surrounding CNN Tonight.  A mix of this will be speculation and fact; as to not confuse anyone, I’ll be sure to make it evident when I’m speculating or when I’m discussing what is already confirmed. Let’s start with what we know: starting […]