Chris Cuomo Interviews Amanda Knox

From the New Day Blog: There’s been two guilty verdicts, but the question still remains, did Amanda Knox kill her roommate in Italy? An Italian court has released why it most recently found her guilty… And tomorrow, she gives her one and only reaction interview to CNN’s Chris Cuomo. Tomorrow night […]

Special Report with Don Lemon at 10pm

While there has been no public announcement indicating this, I think the CNN Special Report with Don Lemon will become a permanent placeholder at 10pm (until CNN Tonight takes over this summer).  Lately, it has become a rolling hour of news, as opposed to just focusing on MH370 (although, on […]

CNN Tonight: Hiatus?

CNN Tonight isn’t quite on a hiatus, per se.  You see, while it was assumed by many that CNN Tonight would be a permanent fixture at 9pm (until its eventual move to 10pm, where it will be), we quickly learned this week that was not the case.  This week, the […]