CNN is Returning to Normal

Slowly, but surely – CNN is returning to normal.  Less “Flight 370” – it’s still there, of course, and still covered.  But, as of now anyway, there aren’t any scheduled CNNi simulcasts for CNN/US viewers tonight.  In fact, at 10:30, for the first time in quite a few weeks, Rachel […]

Zain Asher is on Morning Express’s Set

Since Jennifer Westhoven started her maternity leave from HLN’s Morning Express, for the most part, Maribel Aber has been her primary fill-in.  She works for CNN Newsource as a business correspondent, reporting for various CNN affiliates in the local media.  She is live from the NASDAQ set.  Yet for the […]

4/4/14 Anchor Fill-ins

As of 4:21 ET… Poppy Harlow is in for John Berman on Early Start. Kyra Phillips is in for Carol Costello on CNN Newsroom during the first hour. Brianna Keilar is in for Carol Costello on her second hour. John Berman is in for Anderson Cooper on AC360.

4/3/14 Anchor Fill-ins

As of 4:29 ET… Poppy Harlow is in for John Berman on Early Start. Michaela Pereira is in for Kate Bolduan as host on New Day. Christine Romans is the news anchor on New Day today. Bill Weir is in for Jake Tapper on The Lead. John Berman is in […]