Your Money Changes to CNNMoney

Other than the fact is now completely CNN’s and they want to flaunt that, I don’t understand why they are renaming Christine Romans’ Saturday business show. Be that as it may, it did get a new name. After I watch it tomorrow, maybe we will see a new format […]

CNN Newsroom Weekends

With Bill Weir being done with CNN Tonight (for the time being, anyway [which in my opinion means permanently]) to tape some series for CNN, I presume Don Lemon will soon be named the host of CNN Tonight.  He may just anchor the show as the de-facto host, but I […]

5/30/14 Anchor Fill-ins

As of 9:00 ET… John Berman is in for Michaela Pereira as newsreader for the first two hours on New Day; for the last hour, Chris Cuomo needed to leave early and he moved over, subbing also as cohost. Don Lemon is in for Carol Costello on CNN Newsroom from […]