6/20/14 Anchor Fill-ins

As of 8:00 ET… Alison Kosik is in for Christine Romans on Early Start. Miguel Marquez is in for John Berman on Early Start. Poppy Harlow is in for Carol Costello on CNN Newsroom from 9-10am. Don Lemon is in for Carol Costello on CNN Newsroom from 10-11am. John Berman […]

Good for Smerconish; Bad for the Viewers

At first glance, the following may strike you as good news. It did me. I think the Smerconish program is a good show at a bad time (9am). With it being rebroadcast at 6pm, I think it can do better and attract a larger audience. I was pleased initially because […]

HLN Now: On The Case Won’t Be Axed

With the news of Vinnie Politan leaving HLN , I wondered the fate of his show, HLN Now: On The Case. Many shows have gotten canceled because their hosts move on, and a new show fills the void. I hoped that wouldn’t be the case, and according to an email […]

New Day Marks 1-Year Anniversary

New Day has had many problems (in the ratings, in their chemistry, in their hosts actually showing up to work [that was directed at Michaela]), but it has made it one year without any major changes made. I doubt that will remain the case for long, but

Vinnie Politan Leaves HLN

Per AJC.com: Vinnie Politan is leaving Atlanta-based HLN July 3 and joining the NBC affiliate 11 Alive as a morning anchor, I’ve learned exclusively. WXIA General Manager John Deushane confirmed the news to me but didn’t have any details. I hear he is expected to join Karyn Greer in the […]