Ivan Watson heads to Hong Kong

As I mentioned here, Pauline Chiou and Monita Rajpal have left CNN ahead of the changes coming to CNN Hong Kong. Now, Ivan Watson tweeted he is heading to Hong Kong (where he was earlier said to be their new senior international correspondent).

Maybe Making the Case isn’t over

Making the Case was a show that was hosted by Sunny Hostin and Mark Geragos, and it only had the opportunity to air once at 10:30pm on CNN. It was supposed to be a five-week experiment (along with The Don Lemon Show, that went on live at 10pm) that was […]

Joan Rivers walks out on Fredricka Whitfield

It’s not exactly a secret that Fredricka Whitfield is my least favorite CNN anchor, but even if she weren’t, this would still make me laugh.  She was conducting an interview with Joan Rivers, and the comedienne evidently didn’t appreciate her line of questioning, so she simply left! Watch: (Video credit […]