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  1. I try to break away from this buffoon 45 and I’m watching CNN for updates and what do I see? A campaign ad for him! What the hell! They would sell a spot to satan for a buck and I’m sick of all of this. Thanks for your support one and all and please let’s vote this nut out in 2020! 🇺🇸💙🙏

  2. Comment: Here is the lowdown on that so-called intelligence test trump took. I KNOW BECAUSE I took the same test.
    It is not an IQ test. It is a test they give to those whom Alzheimer’s is suspected.
    This is a sample: Draw table, name this animal, draw a clock with hands pointing to 1:40, count back from 100 by sevens. It is not an intelligence test.
    My mother and my sister both died from Alzheimer’s so I wanted to do the “test.” What they gave trump was NOT an IQ test. Please verify this and start telling the truth about this test that trump “aced.”

    1. Your are correct. It is the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test. It is meant to assess if the person has some cognitive issues. It would be interesting what was his score.

  3. Trump was surprised by winning in 2016. After he won he redefined his agenda. His long term goals are to highjack our government. This is not something that going to happen any time soon but In small steps done slowly over time. It amazes me the the parallels of the rise of Hitler. Rallies all through his presidency. He has made it clear to me and millions of U.S. citizens That he does not care about anything but himself. The man has no honor. He has no understanding of honor. Sometimes I think he is trying very hard to put us in another civil war so he can continue to take more control of our government. Trump wants to destabilize our government. using divide and conquer strategies and it is working. The fact that people are willing to listen to his BS and actually believe his non-sense. Trump is a domestic treat to this country and should be treated as one. Like many people I took that military oath and it means something to me. I am sad to say that there are way to many people that either have forgot there oath or it just does not mean crap to them. When the Neo-Nazi party supports Trump and he does not stand up for American values. They see him as their leader but then again for most of us he has let us know he is not your President .Many American fought and died fighting Nazis. Parties and groups that preach hate are at the steps of the White House. For me I am not affiliated with no political party. For me, voting for a President is like a job interview. I think most folks have been to an interview. You may not get the job but one has to understand that employers want the best knowledgeable people that contain the skills required. Well in this case the employer is YOU. I have a responsibility to myself, family and other citizens of the U.S. and anything less is not will not work for me. I put a lot of work into making this kind of decision as that is my duty. I would hope for the love of this Country (your Country) that you feel the same

    1. I do agree with this posting I watched. He was in the early tallies, ready to concede, them things started to turn around in his favor. He was shocked! He had no plan. He was running his mount grandstanding. He didn’t believe the voters would take him seriously. Now, look at the Nation as a result of his bad management. He has stepped all over our constitution. Those that lost their lives shed blood for our liberties must be turning over in their graves. Make America Great Again, by his actions, is returning us to the stone ages.

      1. Alan, its obvious you have not done your work because if you had you would’ve seen all the improvements Pres. Trump did for minorities, how improved our standing in the world, no longer the door mat who paid for other countries to put money in the pockets of their crooked politicians, who brought jobs back to America for Americans , who was trying to drain the swamp to remove the leeches who have made millions off the backs of hard working American taxpayers and who finally put America FIRST ! The Election was a perfect example of NAZISM by THE DEMOCRATS…STEAL THE ELECTION , TAKE away the votes of honest Americans, SILENCE THEIR VOICE by calling them Insurrectionists when they stand up for that right by demanding a recount of their votes…taking away RELIGIOUS Rights, MANDATING MASKS for a FAKE VIRUS which in reality is the FLU, ORDERING Citizens to be on LOCK DOWN, Removing God from Schools, telling children to report their parents , PREPARING TO HAVE PASSPORTS TO TRAVEL IN OUR OWN COUNTRY BUT WE MUST BE VACCINATED FIRST…..all of these my fine fellow SOUND LIKE NAZI GERMANY !! Wake up or we lose the FREEDOMS OUR FOUNDERS AND GOD GRANTED US…..THOSE THAT DIED FOR THIS COUNTRY FOUGHT AGAINST TYRANNY SOMETHING OUR GOV’T HAS TURNED INTO…A TYRANNICAL GOV’T THAT IS DETRIMENTAL TO THE COUNTRY AND ITS PEOPLE….WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER TO ALTER OR ABOLISH IT….READ THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.

  4. Why are the 39 children rescued by the US marshal being covered!? Should be the biggest story in America

    1. Kath.. what should we look for? Trump took office and the economy improved, our freedom of religion was restored by removing the restriction to pray in public which our government had allowed to be instated by an atheist in the name of ‘freedom of religion’ which was not freedom at all. What has he done wrong???

  5. I do agree with this posting I watched. He was ready to concede, and then things started to turn around in his favor. He was shocked! He had no plan. He was running his mount grandstanding. He didn’t believe the voters would take him seriously. Now, look at the Nation as a result of his bad management. He has stepped all over our constitution. Those that lost their lives shed blood for our liberties must be turning over in their graves. Make America Great Again, by his actions, is returning us to the stone ages.

    1. We are going to have to make some mandatory legislative changes in our country, with regards to the presidential transition team.
      There is no way a sitting President who clearly lost this election should deliberately withhold intelligence briefing from the incoming President. That’s just downright despicable!

  6. Dear CNN,

    I was always trying to grasp the liberal mass media. You are one of my favorite TV channel that have been showing the reality to the public all the time. It is the fact that you are the first TV channel in USA which was providing 24-hours all-news coverage. During your 40 years of your career, you have always maintained your liberalism. For at least last 7 years, I have been reading and loving your news. I don’t remember any of your past posts I didn’t agree with. However, I am quite disappointed by the role of your media outlet and the Democratic Party on the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and the war.
    It made me to think am I too biased or too partial when it comes to Karabakh? I don’t think so.
    Let me try to understand that. There is a war going on, Azerbaijani forces are making good progress, and some ethnic Armenians have had to flee their homes in Nagorno-Karabakh. This is what you say all the time. Sure, war is a disaster. It is also understandable that the liberal media and the parties should focus more on stopping the war. Again, I understand that many people of good faith are worried about the recent disaster and death of people. But what most Azerbaijani people wonder is why the liberal media and the people did not stand so firmly side by side with Azerbaijan when it was a losing party from the early 90’s until very recently?WHERE WERE YOU? Why did the foreign liberal media remain silent about the plight and misery of the 1 million ethnic Azerbaijani IDPs who had been forced to leave their homeland in Azerbaijan (not even in the regions in conflict with Armenia) by military force and have been misery for some 30 years? WHERE WERE YOU when me and my family lost our house and our relatives? Why did the foreign media stay quiet about the assistance that Armenia has received from a far stronger country all these years? I have always felt that the reason why the international community was quiet about the conflict was that they had their own problems, and what was going on in our country was not their main concern, since I do not know what is going on at the moment on the other side of the world. And I never blamed anyone for that. That was my main point against the conservative people who would say that “the West would always support Armenia because they are Christians.” I have always supported the concept that there is no religious element in global diplomacy or foreign relations. Because you have to understand that Azerbaijani population doesn’t consist of only Muslims.
    It is fact that a recent demographic study by Pew Research Center has clearly indicated Azerbaijan as a secular republic, with a notable 64% of the population identifying as “religiously unaffiliated”. Furthermore, I would like to emphasize that as a multinational country, Azerbaijan has long served as a home for numerous nations living under its roof, with Lezgi, Russian, Talysh, Jewish, Avar, Tsakhur, Tat, Georgian and even Armenian ethnic groups existing peacefully along with ethnic Azerbaijanis in various regions of Azerbaijan.
    It is of great importance for me to draw your attention to the unique history of the Jews, Germans and Molokans (Spiritual Christians) in Azerbaijan, which dates back to many centuries. The Jewish population in Azerbaijan is primarily made up of three distinct groups (Mountain Jews, Ashkenazi Jews and Georgian Jews), with Mountain Jews being the most sizable and most long-standing of the three communities. Despite the anti-Semitic attitudes often displayed by the Soviet government, the Jewish settlements in Azerbaijan have always been treated with utmost regard and respect, and were later able to manifest into a large Jewish Diaspora of Azerbaijan, made up predominantly of the Mountain Jew community. Most notably, the Gyrmyzy Gasaba (Red Village) which is a village and municipality in Quba District of Azerbaijan, is believed to be the world’s only all-Jewish town outside Israel and the United States. As of 2017, there are seven synagogues in Azerbaijan, with three of them located in Baku (one for each community – Mountain, the Ashkenazi and Georgian), two in Gyrmyzy Gasaba (Red Village) and two in Oghuz.
    As another pertinent example, the German settlements in Azerbaijan date back to the XVIII century, with two German colonies – Helenendorf (present day Goygol) and Annenfeld (present day Shamkir) – which later in 1819 became part of the Elisabethpol (Ganja) Uyezd. Lutheran churches were established in Helenendorf, Annenfeld, Ganja and a Lutheran church in Baku opened in 1899.
    Molokans live across the northeastern part of Azerbaijan and have a unique community in the village of Ivanovka, which is the most prominent Molokan village in the South Caucasus. Since its foundation in 19th century, the village has been one of the symbols of coexistence in our country. Ivanovka is among dozens of Molokan villages located across Azerbaijan. The above examples only serve to emphasise Azerbaijan’s unfailing historical commitment to the values of multiculturalism and secularism, regardless of the ethnic identities, linguistic differences and the religious affiliation of its citizens.

    For many centuries, Azerbaijan has served as a stronghold of cultural diversity and multiculturalism, a place where members of various cultures, nationalities and faiths were able to coexist in the atmosphere of peace, welfare, mutual understanding and dialogue. For these reasons, I wish to express my great disappointment and frustration from witnessing our country become a victim of highly offensive and spurious claims made on behalf of the Armenian political leadership and foreign lobbyists, with the intention to promote the absurd rhetoric of Azerbaijan’s unprovoked military aggression among the American and international communities. I want to emphasize that I support all efforts to achieve a peaceful resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. However, such an outcome could only be achieved through paying due attention to the perspectives of both Azerbaijan and Armenia, and requesting the required commitment to the established norms of international law on both sides. I hope that one day, the ethnic Azerbaijanis and Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh region would be able to live together peacefully under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
    Therefore, I am unable to answer the aforementioned questions. Nor do I believe that the liberal media are buying the craps “last defender of Christianity in the East,” “battle of civilizations” and other racist propaganda. Perhaps, in order to draw foreign publicity, people need to die even masse. If people do not die in battle, can all the sufferings of people and all professions be tolerated? In addition to radicalism, does such a strategy not even promote terrorism?
    Advocating peace after the military occupation, seeking to legitimize the occupation, is advocating war. It is meant to promote potential military invasions and conflicts.
    If we take into consideration that there is a clear occupation of Azerbaijani territory and 1 million IDP don’t you think being silent and not supporting them is unfair, injustice?
    Using the opportunity, I kindly request your help and support in addressing the continuous endangerment of civilian lives and refusal to comply with the relevant international law by the Armenian state officials.
    As a member of an audience that loves you and always watches you,I don’t demand anything else, I just ask you to be fair. I hope that you will put aside all the pressure from the presidental elections and take a truly adequate approach to the issue. Because this is the only action that suits you as a channel. The channel that we have always loved to watch.
    I thank you in advance for your time, empathy and understanding, and look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Thank you,
    IDP from Azerbaijan,Jabrail,
    Gulnar Gurbanova

  7. Be damned, CNN, if you have succeeded to bring to the White House a WAR CRIMINAL, i.e. BIDEN-ROBINETTE JOE! Be damned! Live & die in pains, monsters!

    1. Really! How could you possibly worry about the incoming administration versus the 4 years of nightmare we’ve had to live with. People who have no respect for our democracy except for their self-interest.

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