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  1. I try to break away from this buffoon 45 and Iโ€™m watching CNN for updates and what do I see? A campaign ad for him! What the hell! They would sell a spot to satan for a buck and Iโ€™m sick of all of this. Thanks for your support one and all and please letโ€™s vote this nut out in 2020! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ™

  2. Comment: Here is the lowdown on that so-called intelligence test trump took. I KNOW BECAUSE I took the same test.
    It is not an IQ test. It is a test they give to those whom Alzheimer’s is suspected.
    This is a sample: Draw table, name this animal, draw a clock with hands pointing to 1:40, count back from 100 by sevens. It is not an intelligence test.
    My mother and my sister both died from Alzheimer’s so I wanted to do the “test.” What they gave trump was NOT an IQ test. Please verify this and start telling the truth about this test that trump “aced.”

  3. Trump was surprised by winning in 2016. After he won he redefined his agenda. His long term goals are to highjack our government. This is not something that going to happen any time soon but In small steps done slowly over time. It amazes me the the parallels of the rise of Hitler. Rallies all through his presidency. He has made it clear to me and millions of U.S. citizens That he does not care about anything but himself. The man has no honor. He has no understanding of honor. Sometimes I think he is trying very hard to put us in another civil war so he can continue to take more control of our government. Trump wants to destabilize our government. using divide and conquer strategies and it is working. The fact that people are willing to listen to his BS and actually believe his non-sense. Trump is a domestic treat to this country and should be treated as one. Like many people I took that military oath and it means something to me. I am sad to say that there are way to many people that either have forgot there oath or it just does not mean crap to them. When the Neo-Nazi party supports Trump and he does not stand up for American values. They see him as their leader but then again for most of us he has let us know he is not your President .Many American fought and died fighting Nazis. Parties and groups that preach hate are at the steps of the White House. For me I am not affiliated with no political party. For me, voting for a President is like a job interview. I think most folks have been to an interview. You may not get the job but one has to understand that employers want the best knowledgeable people that contain the skills required. Well in this case the employer is YOU. I have a responsibility to myself, family and other citizens of the U.S. and anything less is not will not work for me. I put a lot of work into making this kind of decision as that is my duty. I would hope for the love of this Country (your Country) that you feel the same

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