New look

We have a slightly new look here at CNN Commentary, and some brief updates for you:

  • New domain name you can use to access us here, too: (but works, too!)
  • No more pesky advertisements at the bottom of the posts…
  • Same ol’ Allan.

    I encourage you to share your thoughts below.

  • New Digs for CNNCommentary

    In between working on some assignments last night and today, I rolled out a new theme for CNN Commentary – just something new, with more of a newsmagazine theme feel to it. Plus, I incorporated a nifty little ticker in the header with the most recent posts.

    As some have noticed, I’ve carved out more time in my day to get back to (semi-regular) blogging.

    Hope to see and hear from you…


    Happy New Year!

    I sincerely hope you all had a good
    2014… and a great 2015!

    Although I said regular blogging would resume a few days ago, that obviously didn’t happen. Blogging and the day’s anchor fill-in lists will resume next Monday (… and then college resumes the following week — yay! [not])

    If you missed it: here is what I think CNN International needs to do in 2015.

    I will have a post up later today, though… So check back for that.

    Happy New Year’s.

    Status Update

    I was gone yesterday evening until this afternoon (as you may or may not have noticed). When I got home, however, I put up three stories (two of which were very fascinating)… So I recommend you read them.

    But now for the status update. I will be refereeing a soccer tournament all this weekend. It’s a local one, so I’ll still be around (unlike yesterday), but any tweets and posts will probably be slim to none from me. However, CNN Commentary contributor Tyler, the author of The Conveyors, has agreed to step in for me.

    Tyler will be around this weekend to update the blog, as the need arises. So, if anything should happen… Feel free to let him know!

    Follow Tyler on Twitter.

    Everything should return to normal on Monday.

    Housekeeping Items

    First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the hectic state of things lately. Over the past month, my family and I have been preparing to move, and as of the past week, I’ve been at the new house frequently, organizing things and such. The cable and wifi are being set up tomorrow (and we are moving in then as well), so ideally, things will return to a sense of normalcy (with a brief lull of updates spanning from 8:30-3:30, while I’m at work).

    Moving on… We have the pleasure of welcoming another blogger into the CNN Commentary family. Tyler will be joining as a contributor; his columns will appear every Saturday. Be sure to give him a big welcome and check the blog on Saturday! Continue reading “Housekeeping Items”

    Happy Easter

    I’d like to extend a warm Happy Easter to you all!  Since today is a holiday, any updates I normally tweet out (such as anchor substitutions) will naturally be either suspended or delayed.  Enjoy this time with your family!  Me personally, I’m about to head off to my church’s service and then go to my family’s Easter party.  Have a great day.