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One Show, Two Subs

I like speculating.  (Thus this blog).  Lately, when a CNN anchor has a two-hour show, as most of them do, two people have been filling in – one per hour.  Could CNN be moving away from the one anchor having two hours, and intend to split the hours up, moving […]

Pure Speculation, but… Kate Bolduan Gone?

Note: This is all pure speculation.  That being said… Is Zucker moving Kate to the door, and testing Brooke Baldwin as a replacement?  (It is worth noting in my ideal schedule change, I suggested Brooke take Kate’s spot). According to Baldwin’s tweet, she will joining the New Day team this […]

Michaela Pereira: Present or Absent?

Unfortunately, Michaela Pereira is rarely on New Day.  (No real exaggeration, either.  I bet she is only on New Day two-thirds of the time, Monday-Friday).  I think she is a great anchor, so don’t misunderstand me: it isn’t that I don’t like her.  But why is she missing so many […]

Your Money Displaced

As was long expected, CNN’s Your Money with Christine Romans lost its 9:30 am EST timeslot in favor of the new show, Smerconish (hosted by Michael Smerconish), and now will only be at 2pm EST.  (I know sometimes the show was different at both time slots; whether it always was […]