Sam Vinograd leaves CNN, joins Homeland Security

vinogradCNN national security contributor Sam Vinograd announced yesterday she has left CNN and is joining the Department of Homeland Security as a senior counselor. Vinograd has been with CNN since October 2017 and hosted a weekend segment on CNN Newsroom called the Presidential Weekly Briefing.

Prior to joining the network, Vinograd was with the White House’s National Security Council from 2011-2013 during the Obama administration. In addition to commentating on CNN since 2017, she has also served as a senior adviser to the Biden Institute.

“Several of Biden’s new appointments are people who served in government, then went to media gigs, and now are returning to government,” medic critic Jeffrey McCall told Fox News. “This sort of constant migration back and forth between media and government gives the public the distinct impression that government and media are basically part of the same establishment.”

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