Brianna Keilar moves to New Day; Alisyn Camerota to afternoons: report

CNN is considering shaking up New Day, moving Alisyn Camerota off of New Day. Camerota joined CNN from Fox in July 2014 and officially joined New Day in early 2015. Later, John Berman joined her at the desk.

But now, citing three sources, NBC media reporter Dylan Byers says Brianna Keilar, CNN’s afternoon rising star, will be joining the morning program to help try to improve its low ratings. In January, however, New Day ranked 2nd in the demographic. Byers notes that “Zucker, who was the king of mornings at NBCUniversal, is still struggling to crack the code on mornings at CNN.”

Camerota, per Byers, will be moving to afternoons. Variety reports Camerota herself wanted the move, saying she has “for some time sought a new position, citing the demands of early-morning TV.”

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  1. A note that should be made is that Dylan Byers once worked for CNN and was filling the role that Oliver Darcy does now in the Media department. I’m sure he still have inside sources there.

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