Jake Tapper gains an hour; CNN shifts others around

The Lead with Jake Tapper will gain an extra hour in April; it will begin airing from 4-6pm ET. Wolf Blitzer will move back an hour, anchoring The Situation Room from 6-7pm ET. In addition, Tapper’s role will expand; CNN says he will now serve as the “network’s lead anchor for all major Washington events.” However, Tapper will stay on at State of the Union — albeit only twice a month. Beginning January 24, Tapper will take two Sundays a month, and chief political correspondent Dana Bash will get two Sundays a month. The show will be branded as State of the Union with Jake Tapper and Dana Bash.

Blitzer’s new role, in addition to anchoring the now-hourlong Situation Room, will be that of “a principal anchor role for all major breaking news,” according to the network.

Political correspondent Abby Phillips will take over Inside Politics on Sunday, January 24; John King will still anchor the weekday edition.

CNN is permanently expanding its live news coverage on the weekends. Pamela Brown, whose new title will be senior Washington correspondent, will begin anchoring CNN Newsroom from 6-9pm on January 23.

CNN also reshuffled its White House beat: Kaitlan Collins will take over from Jim Acosta as Chief White House Correspondent (Acosta will begin anchoring a weekend show soon); Phil Mattingly will leave Capitol Hill and serve as senior White House correspondent; and Arlette Saenz, Jeremony Diamond, MJ Lee, Kate Bennett, and John Harwood will serve as White House correspondents. On Capitol Hill, Manu Raju will serve as Chief Congressional correspondent; Capitol Hill correspondents will be Jessica Dean, Lauren Fox and Ryan Nobles. Daniella Diaz has been named a Capitol Hill reporter.

3 thoughts on “Jake Tapper gains an hour; CNN shifts others around

  1. So they are ditching Fredericka Whitfield and Ana Cabarera? Terrible – they are great. I guess blonde, daughter of a governor Pamela Brown beats them, huh, CNN? And what about Sara Murray and Jeff Zeleny, two reporters that iimpress me with their “realness” and aggressive reporting – where are they?
    And why do we need another hour of Jake? BECAUSE HE IS A MAN, so that you can cut the hours of Brianna and Brooke? I’m still mad that Jeff Zucker fired Candy Crawley.
    Abby is very likeable and hasn’t missed a beat, but she has been at CNN three years and has no more reason to run a political show or be an “analyst” equal to Gloria Borger than I do – it is just because she is a beautiful young black woman. CNN – your audience is not interested in two hot chick under 30 running the show (Katilyn and Abby) but we want seasoned, EXPERTS. BIG MISTAKE, CNN. Who hires John Harwood and doesn’t make him head presidential reporter and picks a young girl who is good, but chosen because she is “cute.” We don’t want Sara Palin logic to pick our reporters.

  2. “a principal anchor role for all major breaking news,”??? Seriously so whenever there is breaking news Wolf will magically appear on the screen as if by magic…time CNN was breaking news with a closedown for good.

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