One CNN anchor sidelined even more; one CNN anchor leaves

BROOKE BALDWIN, who has reliably anchored CNN Newsroom 2-4pm for years now, is an anchor without a show . . . As I noted back in August, fellow CNN anchor Brianna Keilar got the nudge-and-nod from CNN, and they promoted her from anchoring CNN Right Now at 1-2pm to anchoring CNN Newsroom 1-3pm, reducing Baldwin to only an hour.

Now she will be reduced even further. On Instagram, she noted, “It’s been a dream of mine to work at CNN… I’m a home town girl (ATL 🍑), and this has always been my hometown network. In the last ten years, we’ve witnessed history together. I’ve laughed and cried with you… I’ve rung in many a New Year with you 🥂. I’ve been sick with you. I have GROWN with you.” CNN dropped her single hour even more, awarding it to CNN political anchor Jake Tapper, who will host The Lead from 3-5pm ET until after Election Day.

“Wish I was was with you, but I’ll see ya on [TV] on the flip side of the election,” she wrote. When asked why, she told someone on Instagram, “not my choice.”

ALSO . . .

NATALIE ALLEN, veteran 20+ year CNN International anchor, is leaving the network to pursue climate change.

“Between my assignments here at CNN, I work at a different network as a climate correspondent and it made me realize that climate change is the story of our lifetime. So, I’ve made it my mission to cover the environment and climate solutions with a new venture I’ll be starting. So, stay tuned for that, and stay with me . . .” She also announced she was getting married.

7 thoughts on “One CNN anchor sidelined even more; one CNN anchor leaves

  1. This angers me.Brooke is one of my all time favorites. PLEASEEEE bring her back NOWWWW!!!!

    1. How sad can you get being a supporter of a presenter who is unable to speak correctly without saying “y’all” and “yeah” in every sentence and not have a clue what is going on. Any news channel would be better without such a useless host as Baldwin.

      1. Brooke Baldwin had covid..and survived. I respect her greatly. For you to criticize ME because I like somebody you dont like has to be dumbest thing I have ever read. Why dont you get a life?

  2. One ideologue replaces anther ideologue and they call them anchors. In other words they both are heavy weights to destroy Trump but Keilar’s persona is low level intelligence being able to attract more Democrats. Yes, bring back
    Brooke, she is better looking.

  3. It’s VILE! Both Brooke and Kate have been ditched! Who the F wants John King two hours a day and another hour at the weekend? I love Brianna, BUT why the hell does she get two hours at the expense of Brooke and Kate. Jeff Zucker is behaving like a pig! I am also appalled the other woman at CNN haven’t reached out in support of Brooke and Kate. Brooke held down a TWO HOUR show forever! She’s covered more breaking mass shootings than any other anchor- I am furious!

  4. My husband and I like Brooke Baldwin. I know there is much competition in this field and more qualified people than there are positions. I will say that I felt Brooke handled this job loss graciously and was appreciative of her opportunity to work for CNN. I hope someone recognizes her talent and picks her up soon!

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