Erin Burnett hosts Women Represented: The 100 Year Battle for Equality

200713215132-erin-burnett-monologue-ebof-0713-super-teaseOn Saturday, August 22 at 10pm, CNN anchor Erin Burnett hosts CNN Special Report: Women Represented: The 100 Year Battle for Equality, a 90-minute look into how far have we really come towards gender equality in America.

Burnett examines the current state of women’s rights in America and the complex history of the suffrage movement, including stories often left out of our history books.

The anchor gathers some of the most prominent feminist thinkers around the country to discuss why Americans haven’t elected a woman president, why women are still paid less for equal work, and the legacy of the #MeToo movement. Burnett is joined in this important conversation by women who have shattered glass ceilings across society including Jessica Alba, Amb. Carol Moseley Braun, Glennon Doyle, Carly Fiorina, Melinda Gates, Roxane Gay, Cecile Richards and more.

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  1. I thought I was going to watch a show illustrating the power of women. Instead, over and over and over, race was included. In this time of upheaval and distress in the country, could you not have just talked about women and what they did to regain their power to vote (lost during the Colonial Times). The photos of the show, had women of all races, so why go on and on about who were the white ones and who were the black ones?? Women have to support women, regardless of race. It should not be “This white woman”.. or “this black woman” helped achieve the goal of women voting. It should have just been “THESE WOMEN” did this so all woman can vote now.

  2. Excellent broadcast. Sharing with my 2 Millennial daughters. “History is not what happened, but about who tells the story of what happened.” As illustrated so eloquently in this newscast, with the approach of the 100 year anniversary of the Women’s Suffrage movement gaining the right to vote, the knowledge that Women of Color, Indigenous Women, et al, were omitted from this fundamental right has been egregiously overlooked.

    Only 284 more years to go . . . we continue to fight!

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