CNN’s Facebook show Go There nears 1 billion views

facebook go thereCNN’s Facebook show, Go There, is nearing 1 billion views, reports MediaPost.

“Our audience comes to us for our access to the world and stays with us because of our authentic approach to storytelling,” Cullen Daly, CNN executive producer of digital productions, said. “We give you the facts and the context. We always aim to bring our users with us on the journey, so they know what it feels like to be there as we gather the news and tell the most relevant stories of the moment.”

The mobile-first news show relies on 94 international correspondents reporting from nearly 50 countries across six continents.

“Being able to use phones as a mechanism for storytelling makes us not only nimble, but authentic to the platform. It’s how our audiences like to consume our content,” Daly said.

The Facebook Watch program partners with publishers and pays them to produce shows exclusively for the Facebook platform.

Last June, CNN pulled Anderson Cooper Full Circle, its Facebook Watch show, and replaced it with Go There.

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