Sportscaster Bob Costas joins CNN

c8d9197b5ae301b34d2af95c4607169570-09-bob-costas.2x.h473.w710CNN President Jeff Zucker announced Monday that former NBC sportscaster Bob Costas will be joining CNN as a contributor. Costas will provide commentary and his perspective on a wide range of sports-related issues as the industry adapts to new challenges posed by the coronavirus and the frequent intersection of sports with larger societal issues, according to the network.

“Bob Costas is a legendary, respected voice across the spectrum of sports and beyond,” Zucker said. “As the world continues to change amid the coronavirus pandemic, we are confident that Bob’s insightful analysis will help our viewers better understand what the future holds as the sports and teams we love evolve to meet this moment.”

“I’m very pleased to join CNN’s roster of journalists and commentators. CNN’s willingness to devote time and attention to sports related topics, makes it a good fit for me,” Costas said.

The two previously worked together at NBC.

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