Ismael Cala returns to primetime with new show

calaFormer CNN en Español primetime anchor Ismael Cala is returning to television, beginning on Monday on MegaTV. The anchor departed CNN after 15 years in 2016.

His new show “will have guests, analysis, discussions on current events, fascinating stories, and a forum to put our current reality into context,” airing weekdays at 10pm.

“It will be one hour of information, not saturation. An intimate space where we go over what is happening currently, with an absorbing, taboo-free vision of the future. Positive journalism and entertainment in an audacious, agile, analytical, and bold combination. We want to create awareness and inject hope in a world that so desperately needs it, and to be astonished by the adventure,” Cala explained in the show’s announcement.

The show’s executive producer Amer Mercado said, “Prepare to be surprised every night, since the playfulness, journalistic experience, sense of humor, and the genuine personality and humanity of Cala will be the best choice to go to bed in the best way.”

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