Fareed Zakaria hosts “Donald Trump’s Conspiracy Theories” Monday night

200705104834-fareeds-take-7-5-2020-super-169On Monday at 9pm, CNN host Fareed Zakaria hosts a CNN Special Report, Donald Trump’s Conspiracy Theories, in place of Cuomo Prime Time. According to the network, “Donald Trump uses false conspiracy theories to damage perceived enemies, explain away poor polling numbers, or to cover up his own misdoings . . . Zakaria explores why some people are vulnerable to believing Trump’s conspiracy theories, and whether the damage the president has done to American institutions and global standing can be undone after he someday leaves office.”

The experts and historians guide viewers through other conspiracy theories and their propagators, from Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s (R-WI) ‘red scare’ of communists embedded in the federal government during the Cold War, to the prolific cottage industry of books, TV shows, movies, and other amateur ‘investigations’ that ‘explain’ the assassination of President John Kennedy, and other conspiracy theories.

Zakaria also discusses the challenge and the danger of America’s obsession with and susceptibility to conspiracy theories. Most importantly, Zakaria asks, is Trump setting up a series of conspiracy theories to ensure that tens of millions of people refuse to accept the outcome of the 2020 election and throw America into a constitutional crisis like it may never have seen before?

Interviewed for the special are Carol Anderson, Jeffrey Goldberg, Richard Hasen, Andrew Marantz, Russell Muirhead, and Tim Naftali.

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