Christi Paul stays home while her husband battles COVID

paulNew Day Weekend anchor and HLN correspondent Christi Paul has been staying home and nursing her husband while he battles COVID, she revealed on Instagram. Her co-anchor, Victor Blackwell, has been awaiting the results of his COVID test for twelve days. “I’m still waiting for results,” he said.

“Husband is positive with covid19. Girls & I are all negative,” Paul wrote on Instagram. “Haven’t been able to hold his hand or kiss his forehead . . . We all miss his presence at the dinner table, his laughter & his joshing us.”

Paul concluded, “But we know God gives us His strength when we’re weak & His wisdom when we’re confused & drained. This virus makes no sense. The testing, the paradigm, the transmission… I swear it’s all still a crapshoot.”

When she responded to a comment and offered an update, she said, “He’s actually a little worse today but it’s part of the ups & downs. He’s not in the hospital on a ventilator so I’ll take this. And I pray for everyone who is because this is rough.”

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