Pamela Brown returns to CNN’s air

brownCNN senior White House correspondent Pamela Brown returned to work last Thursday, and Monday, she was in the anchor chair, filling on for Jake Tapper on The Lead at 4pm. Brown gave birth to her baby at the beginning of February and has been away since then — both raising the newborn and mourning the death of her mother, sport broadcaster Phyllis George. George died in May.

“Never could I have imagined how my personal world and the world at large would change on such a grand scale when I left for maternity leave…. had a baby (making me a mom of 2 kids under 2 )and then laid my dear mom to rest amid the COVID-19 pandemic and race reckoning in America,” Brown reflected on Instagram.

“It has been a transformative time for me personally as I reflect on how I can be a better person and a better journalist. If there’s one thing I’ve been reminded of these past few months, it’s the importance of an open mind, an open heart and humility to learn and grow. What I thought was true about life yesterday may not be today. It is a privilege to be back in my role as a journalist for CNN during this critical time,” she concluded.

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