Trump isn’t done with Cuomo yet: Move him back to New Day

chris-cuomojpgOn Wednesday, President Donald Trump suggested CNN cut Chris Cuomo’s pay check due to CNN’s low ratings. (Despite the fact CNN just celebrated its highest ratings in 40 years, and Cuomo Prime Time is currently CNN’s number one-rated news program).

Thursday evening, however, the president has another idea for Cuomo: send him back to New Day. “Give him another shot in the morning – He would easily beat Morning Joe’s poorly rated show,” the president suggested.

“CNN should move Fredo back to the morning slot. He was rewarded for bad ratings with a much better time slot – and again got really bad ratings. Getting totally trounced by Fox News,” Trump analyzed.

CNN’s chief comms man, Matt Dornic, swooped in with a dunk, saying, “CNN is not seeking a new head of programming. But there is a job opening up at the White House.”

Although, if CNN president Jeff Zucker runs for mayor in 2021, CNN may be needing a new programming chief . . .

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