Zucker declares: “We are the most trusted name in news”

zuckerCNN just enjoyed a record-breaking second quarter, the highest ratings period CNN has ever seen. CNN’s audience increased at a higher pace than its rivals, and it is also seeing strong numbers for its digital operation.

CNN’s weekday primetime audience of 1.95 million was up 120% over the same period last year, according to Nielsen. Fox News, which has led in the ratings, had an average of 4.07 million viewers, a 43% increase, while MSNBC’s count of 2.47 million was up 13% from 2019.

“We are a news organization that is built for this kind of time,” CNN president Jeff Zucker said to the Associated Press. “The others in this space are political talk channels, and so even when they’re talking about these stories, they’re talking about the politics of the stories. We’re talking about the news of the stories.”

“All of our research shows we are the most trusted name in news. Others may not believe that, others may scoff at that, the president of the United States makes fun of it, but it’s true.”

Zucker concluded, “More people are watching us than at any time in 40 years. The mere fact that there’s a handful of people left in Washington who can’t figure that out is not our problem.”

MSNBC president Phil Griffin didn’t like Zucker’s jab at him doing “political talk”: “[Our reporters are] doing a hell of a lot more than ‘political talk.'”

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  1. The channel that hasn’t stopped talking Trump for 5 years, the channel that talks politics 24/7 seriously how do these people look at themselves in the mirror with such lies. People watch CNN to see how low the presenters will go not for the news, who they hell watches CNN for the news. It took them until April to discuss Covid 19 and only then because it involved Donald Trump.

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