Van Jones denies being involved in crafting Trump’s police reform executive order

van-jones-facebook-black-enterpriseCNN political commentator Van Jones reportedly helped craft President Trump’s police reform executive order, but Jones has vehemently denied this allegation on Twitter. The report originally indicated Jones, who has become close friends with Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner (introduced by CNN’s D.C. bureau chief Sam Feist), helped craft the executive order, and then later appeared on John King and Anderson Cooper’s shows and praised the order.

“This Daily Beast article is based on false, sensational charges — apparently designed to get clicks, shares, and likes. I haven’t even visited DC since before the pandemic started — let alone been inside the White House. I have never been included in any meetings about police reform (not by phone, zoom, nada). I didn’t know what was in [Trump’s] EO until the day it was released,” he said.

He went on, “When I meet with folks at The White House, I say so during relevant coverage on-air — as I did all through 2018, when I worked on criminal justice reform,” shooting down the claims he should not have been invited on to offer his commentary. “The accusation that I attended White House meetings on police reform but failed to disclose them is doubly false, and it should be corrected.”

Jones concluded, “I will continue to openly work across the aisle to help those trapped in the justice system. We need more of that these days, not less.”

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