Controversial CNN contributor Wajahat Ali non-renewed

CNN contributor Wajahat Ali revealed on Twitter Monday afternoon that CNN had declined to renew his contract. Ali was with the network for a little over a year. One noteworthy commentary Ali put forth on Twitter was the notion it was a good thing #MassacreMoscowMitch was trending, something he eventually semi-apologized for (“In good faith I deleted [the tweet] but they’re not fooling anyone,” regarding Sen. Mitch McConnell and gun control legislation).

At one point, he declared white supremacists were coming for “all of us,” vowing President Trump would not win re-election.

On Twitter, he said, “Well, CNN is not renewing my contract. No hard feelings. I really enjoyed my year there & will miss discussing the news with my colleagues. I appreciated the opportunity to finally show my talents, talk politics & be more than “the Muslim dude.””

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