Team Biden complains CNN isn’t covering his events with same “gusto” they use to cover Trump’s

biden cnnIt isn’t just President Donald Trump that isn’t happy with CNN’s coverage, apparently — Democratic nominee for president Joe Biden isn’t, either.

Former CNN commentator and current senior adviser to Biden, Symone Sanders, called the decision “M A L P R A C T I C E” to not cover Biden’s events live. “It wouldn’t be so frustrating if, in the same breath, these same news stations weren’t complaining about Biden’s lack of activity,” Steve Schale, who runs the pro-Biden Super PAC Unite the County, told The Daily Beast. However, Tuesday all three cable news networks did cover his speech live, where “he offered a strong rebuke of Trump and a unifying message for a nation suffering from civil unrest” following the protests over George Floyd’s death across the nation.

“It’s a maddening and frustrating scenario,” said Ian Sams, former employee of Sen. Kamala Harris’ and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns. “If [CNN chief] Jeff Zucker doesn’t turn on coverage for Joe Biden speaking in major moments at major events, there’s going to be blowback for that. You’re doing a disservice to your viewers and to the American public to not give him that visibility.”

“They should be covering those events with the same gusto,” Jess O’Connell, a longtime Democratic staffer and former CEO of the DNC, said about cable news executives’ responsibility to carry Biden events equally to Trump’s. “The challenge is that they are not necessarily as sexy as a scandal and the TV that Trump creates, but that is what got us into this mess in the first place.”

One unnamed cable executive told the Daily Beast, “A Biden campaign event just isn’t as important as stories about major businesses getting boarding up, journalists getting arrested, protesters getting gassed.”

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