Zucker ally: It was a joke — he’s not running for mayor of New York City

zuckerCNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker made headlines all over when he declared “I always like a challenge,” noting that when New York City recovered from the coronavirus pandemic and the protests surrounding the death of George Floyd, “New York City is going to need a very strong mayor in the aftermath of this.”

It was not, however, the first time the CNN chief had been publicly mulling a run for mayor of New York City. In fact, in 2015, “I would still think about that, yeah,” when asked if he had considered elective office; and when pressed on NYC specifically, he answered, “I would consider anything.”

However, Bloomberg News reports a Zucker ally has a different take on Zucker’s words. Zucker’s remarks “were made in jest,” the individual says, adding, Zucker “doesn’t actually plan to run.”

As things sit currently, Zucker’s CNN contract is set to expire sometime after the 2020 election. And Zucker is a savvy media man: he knows what he is doing when he says these things. So, was it a jest — or another feeler?

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