CNN president Jeff Zucker speaks out regarding last night’s violent protest at CNN HQ: Everyone is safe

cnn graffitiCNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker sent a memo to CNN staffers this morning, letting them know that everyone is safe who was inside the CNN Center last night during the protest. Although some of the protesters were clearly targeting CNN, (some yelled “fuck CNN,” and defaced CNN’s property), there is also an Atlanta police department precinct inside the CNN Center, which many are pointing to as the reason the protesters had their sights on CNN’s Atlanta headquarters.

According to CNN’s media reporter Brian Stelter, Zucker wrote, “The CNN letters still stand proud outside the building this morning, despite the damage, and will be repaired today.” According to a source, the iconic CNN letters have already been repainted over.

“This has been a difficult week. Understandably, emotions are raw. The pain is real. All of this against the backdrop of a global pandemic that we cannot forget, either. I want to thank the entire organization for its collective sense of purpose. CNN has never been more essential. CNN has never been stronger,” Zucker concluded.

Due to the unrest overnight, latenight anchor Natalie Allen announced she wouldn’t be covering her usual CNN Newsroom shift due to the disturbances outside CNN Center and throughout Atlanta. Additionally, HLN Morning Express weatherman Bob Van Dillen commented, “Watching my workplace get trashed . . . just pray no body dies tonight in Atlanta.”

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