Now WarnerMedia is saying majority of CNN employees will not return to office in 2020

Just a week ago, CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker said that some staffers wouldn’t be returning to the office in September, citing the need to reconfigure officespace “to drastically reduce our footprint in all of our workspaces.”

Very few staffers at the network are expected to return to their offices this calendar year, with just around 15% returning to in-office work by Monday, The Wrap reports, citing WarnerMedia executive vice president and chief HR officer Jim Cummings and CNN president Jeff Zucker’s plan unveiled today.

For the most part, “our operations will remain work from home,” Zucker wrote, noting a few employees would return to work in September.

“When you consider physical distancing requirements, we simply cannot put the same number of people back into our workspaces that were there before the pandemic,” he cautioned. “So we need to make some tough decisions.”

“As I have said before, our operations will primarily, across both news and sports, continue to work remotely throughout the summer. Of course, there are exceptions for some of our newsgathering, programming and production people at CNN; and, on the sports side, there will likely be changes when we have a sense of league schedules in the summer months.”

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