Michael Flynn judge Emmet Sullivan retains Wilkinson as counsel, wife of CNN’s Gregory

Well-known attorney Beth Wilkinson was retained by Judge Emmet Sullivan, the official overseeing former Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn’s case, earlier this week. Wilkinson is married to CNN political contributor David Gregory.

According to CNN, the firm “will be writing a legal argument on [the judge’s] behalf after the appeals court last week gave him the unusual order to defend his authority.”

Recently, as CNN noted, Wilkinson’s firm represented now Supreme Court associate justice Brett Kavanaugh during the confirmation hearings.

Former CNN (and Fox and MSNBC) host and Twitter commentator Greta Van Susteren, J.D., however, wants to know why the judge retained an attorney. “Why does he need a lawyer? he should rule and let Court of Appeals review,” she wrote, apparently forgetting Judge Sullivan’s right to counsel.

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