CNN correspondent told to “get out of [man’s] f-ing country,” blaming coronavirus on her

CNN national correspondent Natasha Chen received some racism this weekend while reporting out at Myrtle Beach. Some of the beachergoes were less than thrilled to see CNN reporting on their revelries without msaks, and one individual apparently went up to the CNN correspondent, noting her Asian ethnicity, and told her to “get out of his f-ing country,” blaming Chen for the coronavirus.

“Somebody saw us and the mayor [of Myrtle Beach] and I were both wearing masks and they yelled at us to take them off,” Chen recalled on Sunday. “Somebody claimed that sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

In a later report, she addded, “Within the past hour, there was a person who was not happy with what we were covering,” Chen said. “We’ve been talking to people — who have all been really nice, by the way — talking to us about how they’re social distancing, what they’re seeing with the crowds on the beach, but this person didn’t like it.”

“In addition to shouting at us while I had a mask on, he said to me to get out of his country with an expletive and that I was responsible for this, referring to my ethnicity,” Chen explained. “So, that wasn’t nice.”

Later, Chen responded on Twitter:

(H/t RawStory)

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