Anderson Cooper won’t be leaving CNN, he says — no matter the price

Anderson Cooper made a statement that CNN brass are probably quite happy with: the CNN AC360 anchor (and new dad), who still has 2 years left on his current CNN contract, doesn’t plan on leaving the network when his contract expires. . . Even if an opposing network offered more than his current contract, valued at approximately $12 million a year (plus the option allowing him to contribute to CBS News’ 60 Minutes).

“I don’t know that anyone wants a contract to be up during a global pandemic, by the way,” Cooper said (via J$P) to Howard Stern. “I got a couple years. I’m very happy. I’m very lucky.”

He went on, “No, I would not [leave CNN for a higher salary somewhere else]. I’m very happy. I’m very happy. First of all, no one’s going to double my salary. I’m able to work at 60 Minutes, [and] I’m able to work at CNN.”

“A lot of people are thinking about a lot of stuff but they’re not doing it. CNN is doing it and that’s what I’d like to do,” Cooper concluded.

Cooper’s remarks come after he announced that despite the birth of his new son, Wyatt Cooper, he chose not to take a paternity leave, citing the Covid pandemic. Instead, Cooper has been taking off the past 3 Fridays, with CNN filling the hour with a rotation of an extra hour of Erin Burnett OutFront or an extra hour of Cuomo Prime Time.

After all, the anchor said, “I am my mother’s son. Money is not my thing.”

3 replies

  1. Getting paid $12 dollars and “Money is not my thing.”

    Send him your bank account number and check the truth!

  2. TO Jan Torlief Seneca — Anderson doesn’t need money. He is the son of gazillionaire Gloria Vanderbuilt and heir to the Vanderbilt fortune. Money probably really isn’t his thing when it comes to his job, because he more than he could spend in a lifetime.

    • He famously got no money for his mother’s estate. He knew for years and years she wasn’t leaving him anything. He was fine with that. His mother always felt the money was a huge burden. Anderson is worth millions that he has earned entirely himself.

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