Chris Cuomo continues to waste CNN viewers’ time with obnoxious segments with Gov. Cuomo

For almost two months now, CNN has allowed Chris Cuomo to commit journalistic malpractice by bringing on his older brother, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), and the network shows no sign of stopping this obnoxious display.

At the beginning, perhaps CNN could make the excuse it was relevant to humanize both the Prime Time host and for Gov. Cuomo to provide updates on his battles with coronavirus in the state of New York. However, as I long advocated, any CNN reporter/anchor could have interviewed Gov. Cuomo and aired it on Cuomo Prime Time — just not his younger brother.

As I wrote just last week, “’Big Brother, good to see you.’ Can someone on Chris and Andrew Cuomo’s staff book time for them to see each other . . . outside of TV?”

Presented without further comment, a portion of last night’s broadcast, with the CNN anchor holding a swab:

5 replies

  1. It’s annoying and if he’s allowed to keep this up, that show is doomed. I switched off weeks ago. Can’t stand the brother to brother segment. It’s repetitive, it no longer adds anything to the show. I’d rather see Kate Bouldan in PrimeTime.

  2. I love them both! It was a breath of fresh air during this scary time to bring a little levity to the news. That thing with the swabs was hilarious. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time!

  3. If anyone wants to “switch off,” go ahead. CNN is more than Mr. Cuomo, and I happen to like Chris’s reporting, his manner, and his back-and-forth with Don Lemon. CNN is also 1,000 times more accurate and straight with viewers than Fox, which probably could be prosecuted for egging on Trump’s trash talk about “stop the steal.” I like MSNBC also but for straight news, the best still is CNN.

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