CNN analyst Director James Clapper disappears when asked whether he leaked Flynn info; later comes back to say he did not

Appearing on New Day Thursday, former DNI James Clapper, who presently serves as a CNN national security analyst, was asked about unmasking of General Michael Flynn.

“Unmasking in and of itself, nothing wrong with that. Leaking classified information, and by definition, these phone calls were classified. That’s a problem, correct?” anchor John Berman asked, to which Clapper answered in the affirmative.

Regarding the rumors Clapper leaked, Berman said, “And if anyone did leak the contents of these conversations with or without the name, that would be a problem, yes?”

Though after that question, Clapper disappeared from the CNN video.

Berman quickly said, “We’ve lost the shot. I wonder if we can just get him on the phone to finish this. Let’s try to get Director Clapper back. All right, we’re going to work — we’re going to work on getting that shot back.”

Minutes later, Director Clapper returned, and Berman resumed his tough questioning. “David Ignatius put out this famous column on January 12th where he mentions the phone call between Michael Flynn, the December 29th phone call. Did you leak that information?”

“I did not,” he responded.

One thought on “CNN analyst Director James Clapper disappears when asked whether he leaked Flynn info; later comes back to say he did not

  1. If Clapper is being truthful a good journalists would have asked,”if not you,WHO? “you were in charge of DNI and you legally would be responsible for your departments actions?” But no,CNN curtails discussion that would shed light on the most corrupt actions taken by any previous administration.This crime unfortunately happened under the “first Black president” who raised “hope and change” to euphoric rhetorical levels,supported by the media ,created a dystopia in the USA. This period of time is a turning point for the USA and the world in terms of where we what to go in organizing our society ,questioning our culture and our values,as well as cleaning up corruption in governments and bureaucracy,Populations have suffered for too long with the concepts of” no borders,all cultures are the same, we all want the same thing, sexual reality is a construct etc..Yes,we will change ,the Corona virus is the catalyst not a snake oil merchant,and ther is and will be hope that the truth will set us free in order that we may hope again.

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