“Big Brother, good to see you.” Can someone on Chris and Andrew Cuomo’s staff book time for them to see each other. . . outside of TV?

“Big Brother, good to see you,” is the typical line CNN anchor Chris Cuomo uses to welcome Gov. Andrew Cuomo to Cuomo Prime Time. The Wednesday, May 13 edition was no exception, and the segment lasted nearly twenty minutes (which is roughly how long most of the interviews, if you want to call it that, last).

Like most of America, I understand that both Cuomos are probably fairly busy people. The younger Cuomo hosts his CNN primetime show and has an afternoon SiriusXM show. The older Cuomo, of course, is the governor of New York.

However, can a booker on Cuomo’s team and an aide on the older Cuomo’s team schedule time for them to catch up — you know, off-air?

It was reported that CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker “greenlighted” younger Cuomo interviewing Gov. Cuomo beginning in early April. Prior to that, Zucker banned the CNN anchor from interviewing his governor brother in 2013. Explaining his decision to lift the ban, he said at the time, “You get trust from authenticity and relatability and vulnerability. That’s what the brothers Cuomo are giving us right now.”

And maybe in early April, that was the case. But now? No, now they’re just giving us annoying, brotherly barbs.

4 replies

  1. I enjoy them, it is a good break from the serious news we are receiving most of the time these days.

    Cathy Mayer


  2. Annoying? What have you been watching?
    The interviews are substantive and show real humanity as well.

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