Trump attacks CNN’s Brian Stelter: “Poor man’s lapdog for AT&T”

President Donald Trump attacked CNN media correspondent and Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter, calling him “just a poor man’s lapdog for AT&T.” AT&T is, of course, the parent company of WarnerMedia, which owns CNN.

Trump quote-tweeted an embedded video of Stelter analyzing the right-wing media’s coverage of the Michael Flynn story, giving it more focus than the coronavirus’ death toll.

Trump’s attack came as news of Stelter’s new book, Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth, was reported last Thursday. Perhaps he didn’t like that . . .

CNN has thus far not commented on Trump’s latest attack on a CNN personality.

4 replies

  1. Brian Stelter is not a journalist,he is more accurately called a “commentator”. His comments reinforced every day by disconnected emotions from reality.No objectivity in anything he discusses.CNN has a habit on presenting people who talk nonsense and ask you,the viewer, to believe their trauma. CNN should put their merry men [stelter,Cooper and Lemon] together to have a hilarious time of male bitching.

  2. Stelter just talks about Fox News and nothing else, why is he watching Fox News anyway? I dare you to criticise CNN one week Brian? Oh no poor little man wouldn’t dare bite the hand that feeds him.

  3. Trump is one sick man – imagine tweeting hate 100 times on a Sunday! That’s just not normal!!!!

    • Is it normal to accuse a President of being a Russian asset for three years and is proven false after spending 25 million dollars to prove it true? Is it normal for Brian Stelter too throw a hissy-fit every time Trump treats one of CNN reporters with disdain after being asked a “got you question,which does nothing to understand the “news?”Hate is what CNN has promoted over almost 4 years with charging the President with anti-women,anti-LGBT,antisemitic,racist,anti-Latino rhetoric. Irony is blaming others for your faults and the Democrat party and their voice in the Liberal progressive press and media have been doing this before Trump became president. Do you stand by the comment that Trump tweets hate 100 times on Sunday with proof or once again ,”what does truth mean when your truth supersedes the truth?”

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