At makeshift upfront, CNN’s Jeff Zucker touts CNN’s “most trusted journalists” as the “world is relying on CNN for the truth and the facts”

At WarnerMedia’s makeshift upfront, CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker touted CNN’s successful coronavirus coverage to advertisers, highlighting CNN’s “most trusted journalists and medical professionals,” mentioning Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer and chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, according to The Hollywood Reporter’s story.

Dressed casually, the CNN chief reportedly said that “there’s never been a more important time for CNN. The world is relying on CNN for the truth and the facts. And we take this responsibility incredibly seriously.”

Showing just how laser-focused CNN is on this story, Gupta spoke after Zucker. “In some ways, this feels like one the most important stories I think I’ve ever covered.”

Zucker further pointed out CNN’s ratings success. “We’re seeing our highest consumption in our 40-year history.” In April, CNN saw its highest-rated month since Hurricane Katrina.

“We’ve run a global news organization primarily from home, and that will change how CNN operates in the future, and covers the news in the future. We appreciate all of your support, and we look forward to getting through this together,” Zucker concluded in his pitch.

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  1. I would not expect Zucker to be critical of the reporting considering he runs the news.As far as journalism is concerned, CNN has the most qualified individuals who report the news in the same fashion as any tabloid covering sleazy,violent or sexual stories.

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