Don Lemon: Tara Reade canceled on me

Monday night, Don Lemon said he was scheduled to interview Biden accuser Tara Reade on Sunday for CNN Tonight, but after the Vice President Joe Biden’s interview with MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Reade canceled on him, citing “security concerns.”

Last Tuesday, Lemon conducted an interview with failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, who is seeking to be Biden’s VP, and asked him about Reade’s allegations. In it, she said, “I believe Joe Biden.”

Lemon ended his 10pm broadcast with, “I need to clear something up that I heard reported a lot this weekend, or at least a number of times, about CNN not wanting to interview Tara Reade because last Friday, Tara Reade . . . canceled an interview she had agreed to do with me, saying that she wasn’t comfortable doing the interview any longer after the former vice president spoke with MSNBC that morning and categorically denied her allegation against him.”

Reade “had previously agreed to talk with me live on my show, Sunday night. Later in the weekend, we spoke again and she told me that she had some security concerns that she wanted to sort out and also wanted to look for any paper work from back then that could help corroborate her story, her side of the story.”

Lemon concluded with, “People who are saying that CNN has not asked her for an interview are incorrect.” He also said that Reade promised to reschedule the interview.


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