Jeff Zucker taps Jake Tapper to host ‘The Pandemic & The President,’ CNN report on Sunday night

CNN political anchor Jake Tapper will be on air Sunday morning for State of the Union, and he will have special report airing Sunday at 10pm, entitled The Pandemic & The President, CNN Special Report with Jake Tapper, set to analyze “how some of the most powerful people in the world have responded to the coronavirus outbreak.”

Speaking with TVNewser, Tapper explained: “Ultimately, [CNN president] Jeff Zucker asked me and Jim Murphy, who runs our documentary and specials group, to put together a detailed look at how we got to this point in the pandemic.”

He went on, “Ken Shiffman and Michelle Rozsa lead the production team and we all went day by day through all the facts discovered by CNN and multiple national news organizations to detail how the Chinese government, WHO, Governors and the Trump administration responded. We are likely just at the beginning of having to deal with the coronavirus crisis in one way or another, so seeing what worked and what didn’t can be used to inform us all going forward.”

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