Brooke Baldwin on returning to air: “I have such a stake in this, just like so many, you know, hundreds of thousands of other people”

Before returning to host CNN Newsroom on Monday, CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin stopped by Reliable Sources on Sunday to chat with Brian Stelter about having coronavirus and how it will impact her coverage going forward.

Stelter asked how she was doing, and Baldwin noted that her battle with Covid-19 was better than some, in that she didn’t have to go to the hospital or be put on a ventilator. “I didn’t have to add to the stress of the doctors and nurses in these hospitals by having to go in. That said, it was like going to Hell and back,” before adding she was “one of the lucky ones.”

He then turned to her anchor gig, and asked if she thought she’d do anything differently now.

Quite emphatically, Baldwin answered, “How can I not approach it differently? I think when I talk to family members who have loved ones who are suffering, how can I not understand it and have that empathy a bit more than another journalist who was fortunate enough not to get it? How can I not when I’m talking to doctors, you know, trying to understand why aren’t there more FDA-approved antibody tests?”

She went on, “I was reading a piece in the Times this weekend saying out of 14 tests, only three had fairly accurate results. Why is that? I’ll ask doctors about plasma donation. I want to give my blood to people to be able to help others who are sick. So hopefully viewers will be watching and understand that I have such a stake in this, just like so many, you know, hundreds of thousands of other people.”

She will be back on Monday at a special time of 1-3pm.


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