Jeff Zucker has kept his thumb on the scale during coronavirus coverage

In a conference call, CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker issued a clear mandate to editors and producers: do not shift the focus from coronavirus. “You need to stay on the news,” Zucker said, according to the Wall Street Journal. “People are coming to CNN for the news right now.”

And he’s right — CNN’s ratings are soaring. CNN has averaged nearly 2.2 million total viewers in primetime for the month of April, which is more than double than its usual ratings for that time period.

Staff members who continue to come to work at the office are doing so on a voluntary basis and are not required to show up, WSJ reports.

Zucker hasn’t taken a backseat during the coverage either. WSJ reports that he has suggested stories in emails to his deputies, as well as calling producers and during town-hall meetings with CNNers.

CNN primetime anchor, Anderson Cooper, has been taking a shift during the afternoon block of CNN Newsroom, as well as hosting coronavirus town halls in primetime alongside chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

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  1. CNN is doing a fine job attacking Trump and scaring the Sh_t out of everyone.Great job uniting people!Keep up the good fight.

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