Megyn Kelly attacks Don Lemon: “CNN still pretends he’s an objective news anchor”

Former Fox News and NBC News anchor Megyn Kelly lit into CNN anchor Don Lemon last night following his monologue on his show, CNN Tonight. Lemon’s monologue focused on President Trump’s coronavirus press conference; among other things, Trump tore into ABC White House correspondent Jon Karl and argued with Fox News’ Kristin Fisher.

“It’s sad — it’s sad. What is that?” Lemon asked, following clips of Trump’s presser about his administration’s handling of the coronavirus.

The segment ended by Lemon rhetorically asking, “Americans, are you mad as hell? How much more are you going to take?”

In response, Kelly sniped, “CNN still pretends [Lemon] is an objective news anchor (yeah, sure) while the msm recoils in horror at the bias of Fox/OANN, etc. Who do they think they’re kidding?”

A request for comment from CNN wasn’t returned.

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3 replies

  1. Don – stay MAD AS HELL – I for one can’t take it anymore!! This faux president is so dangerous!! Keep calling him out. Megyn’s hair bleach has damaged a few too many brain cells!!! You are my favorite newscaster. BTW – I live in Switzerland and record all of your programs along with all the other CNN evening programs since you come on here in the middle of the night – plus I love your and Chris’s friendship and banter. I also enjoy and appreciate NEW DAY. Keep it up CNN – lots of us depend on you even if you are accused of bias – you are on the “right” side of issues and we need you to counter the “dangerous right”!!!

  2. Megyn Kelly is probably hoping to be rehired again at Fox News station. The treatment she got from Trump before his election must not mean anything to a proud young woman. It is beyond my words to see such a change in her. Don Lemon talks right out of his heart, and so do I.

  3. There are stories that don’t have two sides. You have a President that is lying during a national crisis and it can be proven. There is ONE point of view for any sane person here.

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