CNN lifts the ban on Chris Cuomo interviewing his brother in favor of “authenticity and relatability”

I, like many, have criticized and long observed on the instances where, at the launch of New Day, anchor Chris Cuomo would interview the New York governor — his brother, Andrew Cuomo.

But as the New York Times reports, word came from up high that Cuomo was to no longer interview his brother in 2013; instead, co-anchors would conduct the interview, as warranted.

But that all changed on March 11 when CNN execs “greenlighted” Cuomo interviewing the elder Cuomo, NYT reports.

Cuomo acknowledged the obvious conflict of interest. “There will come a time when there’s an accountability measure where it will no longer make sense for it to be me” interviewing the governor, he said.

However, since his coronavirus announcement, his ratings on Cuomo Prime Time have nearly tripled.

After all, last week, Cuomo appeared at his brother’s coronavirus press conference via video conferencing to discuss his symptoms and update the public.

CNN president Jeff Zucker told the Times, “You get trust from authenticity and relatability and vulnerability. That’s what the brothers Cuomo are giving us right now.”

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  1. Unprofessional and unbecoming for objective news. What comes through is dysfunctional brotherly relation.To Zucker it is all about ratings not news.

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