CNN’s Jeff Zucker praises staff: “You are the glue that keeps us on the air and all together”

On Friday night, CNN president Jeff Zucker sent a memo to staff, praising them for the work they are doing in historic times. “We are informing the world in extraordinary ways. The work you are doing continues to be unprecedented and unparalleled. For those of you who head out to the front lines every day, in the field and on the air from locations around the globe, you are making us so proud,” Zucker wrote.

The memo came after afternoon news anchor Brooke Baldwin announced that she, like colleague Chris Cuomo, tested positive for the coronavirus.

Zucker went on, “And for those behind the scenes, working from home, heading into control rooms and master control, you are the glue that keeps us on the air and all together. Someday, the true story of how you have each done this will be told. And the world will be amazed.”

Most of CNN’s anchors are doing their shows from home, while the remaining hosts are doing their shows in the bureau’s small flash cam studios, so they are limited to the amount of people they are around.

After noting that the CNN chief was often asked how long he anticipated the coronavirus lasting, he said, “I fear that it may be a while longer than we may have initially anticipated.”

(H/t Oliver Darcy)

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