Could WarnerMedia be about to gut HLN and reformat as a golf channel?

Some TV property of WarnerMedia could be completely reformatted as a golf channel, Sports Business Daily reports, telling the PGA Tour “it would consider converting one of its existing TV channels into a golf-focused one,” if WarnerMedia could land rights to the tour — and potentially end HLN as we know it.

WarnerMedia bigwigs are in preliminary talks with the Tour about the next round of its broadcast rights, which are up in 2021.

The report notes that “WarnerMedia owns channels like HLN (Headline News), which has distribution in 86.3 million U.S. homes, or truTV, which is in 84.1 million homes. Those two would be the most likely channels to be flipped if the company follows through on its initial plan.”

Obviously, channels like CNN, TNT, and TBS are unlikely to be reformatted to be a channel for the PGA. But HLN, with fewer eyeballs currently…

The company’s strategy is not finalized, but as the report says, ” the fact that it has even considered such a plan shows how serious it is about the PGA Tour rights…”

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