CNN’s Go There debuts on Facebook

CNN premiered its replacement to Anderson Cooper’s Facebook show, Full Circle — today, Go There aired at 8pm instead of 6:15, DigiDay reports. The time slot switch is due to the 8pm-10pm time being “sweet spot for mobile viewing,” according to CNN’s Ashley Codianni, executive producer of social and emerging media.

DigiDay reports that the new show will have a “10- to 15-minute, square-formatted episode [that] will zero in on a single topic, such as climate change, race and identity, immigration and economic inequality.”

Full Circle was so successful, which is why CNN chose to remove it from Facebook and move it to their own site.

“This is obviously an opportunity where we are being paid by Facebook to experiment,” said Codianni, referencing Go There.

A majority of the employees that CNN will have working on the Facebook show will be dedicated to the show, according to executive producer Cullen Daly. Those employees will include members of Daly’s digital productions team and Codianni’s social and emerging media team. Additionally, “there will be some people who work on this who it’s 80% of their jobs [and for others] it’s 30% of their jobs,” said Daly, who said it was hard to give a rough headcount “because it’s kind of evolving.”

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