CNN is selling $300,000 ad package for Democratic debate

CNN is planning on cashing in — big time — on the upcoming Democratic debate on July 30 and 31, which will be moderated by the team of Jake Tapper, Don Lemon, and Dana Bash.

Variety reports that CNN is seeking over $300,000 for an advertisement package during the network’s two-night primary event in Detroit. The report notes CNN is requiring a “commitment of $300,000 in advertising on the network before a potential sponsor can purchase commercials within the two debate telecasts.”

A 30-second ad spot airing in the debates is projected to cost around $110,000. For comparison purposes, a 30-second ad in CNN’s 8-11pm primetime programs over the last few months has cost between $7,000 and $12,000, according to SQAD MediaCosts.

“There is significant demand around our debates,” says Katrina Cukaj, executive vice president of ad sales at WarnerMedia. “There are some really intense storylines that came out of that [previous] debate. I think the curiosity around those storylines is at a peak.”

Cukaj ended with, “I will tell you, we are nearly sold out. We’ve got a couple of pending accounts still in there, but we are going to be done pretty much any day now.”

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