Laura Coates hops in the anchor chair for Don Lemon’s 2nd hour…

As Don Lemon pointed out in a recent interview, he is the only primetime host across cable news who anchors two hours of live news — calling himself a primetime “soldier,” as the anchor of CNN Tonight, airing from 10pm until midnight Eastern.

However, Friday night, host Lemon did the first hour. For his second hour, CNN legal analyst Laura Coates was suddenly in his studio, in the anchor chair.

“I’m Laura Coates, picking up for Don Lemon,” Coates said at the top of the 11pm hour, before hopping into the day’s news. Coates had a big interview with former Governor John Hickenlooper, one of the Democratic presidential hopefuls.

She has filled in for Lemon on quite a few instances in the past, as well as sitting in on HLN’s True Crime Live.

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  1. Laura is a brilliant attorney. Laura has the ability to explain legal matters to lay persons with clarity.

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